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Would You Like To Have a Business That Works Hard For You? - If You Want To Earn REAL Money Online, Then Read On...

It's easy to find make-money online opportunities. But it's not easy to find ones where you can earn a sustainable income from.

You might have tried online surveys. They may be great at helping you to make some spending money.

And the same goes for those 'get-paid-to' website opportunities. You know those ones where you have to complete tasks like playing games, downloading apps, or completing offers.  They reward you with a few cents. Sometimes you might get lucky and make a few dollars.

But these options will not help you to earn any 'life-changing' money.

Then you might get 'hit' really hard if you happen to fall prey to one of those 'make-money-overnight' scams.

A lie disguised as a promise.

It's frustrating. It's heart-breaking.

And to think that your initial intention was to make some decent money online, but your hard-earned money get's snatched away instead.

Here is the thing - 

You know that there is a way to make real money, let alone a full-time income from the internet.

You have witnessed others such as Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, living this reality. And you think to yourself, "if they can do it, then so can I."

And I say ..

You are Absolutely Right!

In a moment I am going to introduce you to a business teaching platform that can and will help you set-sail in the right direction.

But first let me ask you something.....

Why Do You Want To Start An Online Business In The First Place? You want to make money online and that's great! But what is your main reason for doing this? 

Is it because;

  • you're sick and tired of those crazy bills stacking up in sealed envelopes? or
  • you're having a hard-time paying back that college loan? or
  • you just lost your job? or
  • your current job is not paying enough? or
  • you're tired of joining online companies that promise the support and leave you hanging out to dry, or
  • you want to build an online legacy and leave your mark behind?

If one or more of these reasons are yours, then good news is on the horizon.

If You Do Not Act, Then You Could Pay a "higher price" Than You Could Imagine.

I know that you are eager to see how joining this business teaching platform can impact your life for the better.

It's easy to say that you will give it a try. But sometimes just ''saying it" might not be enough to make a commitment.

I have seen folks who have joined this teaching platform. After having gone through the training, asked the necessary questions, and never giving-up, they went on to building themselves a thriving online business. (You're going to see proof of that soon.)

And on the flipside, I have also seen many people just fizzle out after a month or two. They did not give it a real shot.

And I do not want this to be YOU!

If you do not ACT, there is a higher price that you might have to pay....

If you don't change your present status, then ----

  • Those bills will pile up - leaving you feeling depressed and anxious. You might even reach a point of taking it out on your loved ones. 
  • You become a scammer's best friend - you hop from one opportunity to the next falling prey to scammers along the way.
  • You are at the mercy of your boss - settling for wage, and endlessly trading your precious time for money.
  • You lose faith in the online world - You get frustrated doing medicore online gigs. Eventually you stop altogether, thinking that everything is a scam.

 I think the most costliest expense would be not knowing how different and better things could be.

How different your life could be had you invested in yourself and really gave it a complete effort.

Are you really willing to pay this higher price?

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die"- Warren Buffet 

My Journey to Online Success:

Pharmacist to Online Entrepreneur 

Hi there. My name is Roopesh.

I am the CEO of Passive Income for

I was dead-scared when I first took the plunge into the online world 5-years ago.

As a pharmacist, I always wanted to have my own business. But I guess that life had different plans for me back then.

How to get started with affiliate marketing for begginners

When I graduated in 2000, I dreamt of immigrating to Canada and settling down there. Unfortunately, I failed the pharmacy entrance exams, twice.

It set me back big time in terms of money, and I could not start-up my own pharmacy in my country. I had made the decision to work for a retail drug-chain store.

However, the drive to become an entrepreneur had never left me.

I tried tons of different ways to escape the rat-race.

  • My first venture started when I joined an MLM-venture called SkyBiz. It turned out to be a scam.
  • I then tried Amway, (another MLM) only to learn that I suck at recruiting,
  • I even studied to become a realtor. I learned at that time that the business was filled with red-tape, estate agents fighting with each other, and seller's doing private deals.(I guess it's a different picture today.)
  • I even tried horse-racing gambling (my dumbest idea ever!).

But I was hit the hardest when my wife and I bought an educational franchise for kids. 

We invested all of our savings and time into this venture, only to learn that the master franchisor had us sign a one-sided contract and we were paying higher-than-normal royalties.

We lost big time!

But that was not the biggest price that I paid.....

You see I am permanently deaf in my right ear. 

With the immense stress from running this franchise, I starting experiencing ringing noises in my left ear-the good ear.

I was diagnosed as having tinnitus(a constant ringing noise in the ear), vertigo and a possible complete loss of hearing.

As time went on it made it extremely difficult to talk to my customers, when I returned to the retail pharmacy sector.

I started to panic. Eventually I had no choice but to get a hearing aid.

In the end, I was forced to look for a back-up plan. Something that would ease the pressure on my hearing and still help me earn the money.

I found that back-up plan in the form of a teaching platform that helped me build an online passive income enterprise.

So, my first website that I created allowed me to help others with Tinnitus. It's called

The second website is this one, 

When I earned my first commissions with this site, I knew that things would get better and more exciting!

Take a look at my first commissions back in 2016.

Is wealthy affiliate a scam? Here is proof that it works

Allow me introduce you to this teaching platform....


Wealthy Affiliate is a fully-fledged teaching platform that helps you to get started with your very own online business. It's not just a website builder or a simple step-by-step course, it's much more. To help you build a solid foundation, they have top notch training, state of the art business tools, around the clock support and most importantly a one-of-a-kind  helpful community to ensure your success. The end result is having a rewarding passive income business that you can be proud of!

What does Wealthy Affiliate Teach You? - They offer the complete 4 Step Process that you need to apply, in order to have a profitable affiliate marketing business.

How does affiliate marketing work

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Let's say that you just watched a great movie or read an awesome book. You recommended it to a family member or friend. Wouldn't it be cool if someone were to PAY YOU for recommending that book or movie?

Well, that is exactly how online affiliate marketing works! You are an affiliate and you get paid for recommending other people's products or services.

Cool Right?

  • Step One : You need to find a niche or topic for your website. It can be a hobby or passion. The training and interactive community will help you to get started onto the right path.

  • Step Two : You need to build a website. Don't stress, WA has a powerful website builder that will help you get a website framework in under 30 seconds!

  • Step Three : WA teaches you how to implement both free and paid traffic methods. You will learn the fundamentals of  SEO, YouTube, Social Media, PPC. 

  • Step Four :  Of course, it all boils down to this point. The point where you earn your all important revenue for your well-deserved hard work.

How Do You Benefit from Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Great question.

Take at look the benefits that you would enjoy as a Wealthy Affiliate member!

Newbie Friendly.

Remember I came from the health field to building my own online business.

So do not worry if you're NOT technically can still do this.

You Will Have All the Tools Under One Roof!

No need to buy extra software, learning material or subscribe for extra courses? 

No Recruiting or Door-to-Door Selling

You do not need to enroll a single person to make money with affiliate marketing. You do not even have to speak to anyone.

Cool right?

That's Not All...Check out these benefits....

  • Work from Anywhere in The World!
    Your business is open 24 hours, 365 days, and is accessed by the entire least wherever there is an internet connection.
  • You Will Not Be Alone
    The added benefit of being a WA member, is that there is an interactive online community who share their successes, trials, tribulations and inspire you..... on your journey to becoming an amazing online success.
  •  WA Gets You Into The Online Real Estate World.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you are not just learning to build a business. You will be building an ASSET.

Just give it time, and put some effort. One day you will have the luxury  of saying that you have built an   ASSET  that puts money into your pocket, without having to work hard anymore.

So, you can be the next Jeff Bezos or Pat Flynn. It's all up to you!

What People Are Saying About Wealthy Affiliate

Does wealthy affiliate really work

Jessica(SwanGirl)” - Wealthy Affiliate Member since 2016

"Your choices are limitless here and everything is included in the membership. From keyword lists and tools, endless training, platforms to get comments or help you write content, and those to engage with the community, you have endless resources all available 24/7.

I have met people around the world. I love WA and believe it is the best resource available for learning to build a website and a business

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work

Eddy Salomon- Wealthy Affiliate Member since June 2007

“It's been over a decade since joining WA and it has helped me achieve financial and personal freedom that a job could never provide me. At one point my wife and I were able to quit our jobs, buy our dream home and travel the world with our daughter as a result of the business WA helped me build.

Here's to another decade of success for all of us!

Leo Emery testimonial

Leo Emery - Wealthy  Affiliate Member since June 2012

I've been making a full time income online since 2005 and I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2012. And because of the training, tools, resources and access to hundreds of the most successful affiliate marketers online I've increased my overall monthly income by $7900.

No matter if you're a seasoned marketer or you're just starting online, hands down there is   no   better community then Wealthy Affiliate that can teach how to build a full time income from your hobby or passion. 

I can honestly say if you’re desire is to become the master of your financial future then you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t see what Wealthy Affiliate can do for you.

What Will Your Affiliate Marketing Future Look Like?

 So you are going to be building your very own affiliate marketing business.

Let's jump into our Delorean and see how your life can potentially change for the better...

You will have a business that will get to the point of earning a passive income.

This means that :

  • You have Time-Freedom - you don't have to worry about being late for your day-job.
  • You are Debt-Free - you have ease knowing that all bills are sorted.
  • You have Family-Time - and can plan the next family vacation with pleasure.
  • You can do Philanthropy Work - you can uplift other people's lives if you like.
  • You can help your favorite Animal Shelters - start helping those animals in need.

All very possible goals that you can achieve.

Of course it's not going to happen overnight and without hard work.

But then again, you already pulled up your sleeves and are ready to give it a go, right?

A Peak into the Wealthy Affiliate Courses

There are TWO Main courses available as a Wealthy Affiliate member. You can do the Online Entrepreneurship Course(OEC) or the Affiliate Bootcamp.

The OEC is the one that I first started with, and it's my recommendation to someone who is brand new to building an online business.

Take a look at the OEC course breakdown.

Module One - Getting Started (Starter/Premium/Premium Plus)

It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. This getting started course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner. 

  • LESSON ONE: Getting Rolling
  • LESSON TWO : Understanding How To Make Money Online
  • LESSON THREE : Choose a Niche
  • LESSON FOUR : Building Your Own Niche Website
  • LESSON FIVE : Setting Up Your Website
  • LESSON SIX : Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines
  • LESSON SEVEN : Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • LESSON EIGHT : Creating Custom Menus On Your Website
  • LESSON NINE : Understanding Keywords- The Start Of Your Content
  • LESSON TEN : Congratulations and Your Next Step
Module Two - Building Your Own Traffic-Producing Website (Premium and Premium Plus Members)

Which ever kind of online business you decide to build, you're going need to get traffic. Learning how to get traffic to your business can lead you onto the path of amazing success. 

That is what this course is all about.

To teach you how to use no cost traffic methods to capture relevant traffic no matter what niche your business is all about.

  • LESSON ONE : Your own domain, Your Brand
  • LESSON TWO : Move on Over, My Brand Has Arrived
  • LESSON THREE : Creating KeyWord Rich Content
  • LESSON FOUR : Setting Up a Domain Specific E-mail Account
  • LESSON FIVE : The Traffic Breakdown
  • LESSON SIX : Making Use of Visuals
  • LESSON SEVEN : Understanding The Low Hanging Fruit
  • LESSON EIGHT : Making face as a real person
  • LESSON NINE : Amplifying Your Productivity
  • LESSON TEN : Boosting Your WA Ranks

Module Three - Making Money (Premium and Premium Plus Members)

Once you know the process of writing content for your site and understand how to get traffic, the next step is to monetize your site.

In other words learn ways on how to earn money from your site.

  • LESSON ONE : Understanding Money in Online Business
  • LESSON TWO : Understanding Affiliate Programs and Networks
  • LESSON THREE : Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere
  • LESSON FOUR : Adding Affiliate Links To Your Pages
  • LESSON FIVE : Instant Access to a MILLION Products
  • LESSON SIX :  Leveraging Product Reviews
  • LESSON SEVEN : Getting Paid For Ads On Your Site
  • LESSON EIGHT : Earning Pennies Or Dollars?
  • LESSON NINE : A Brilliant Way To Track and Understand Your Traffic
  • LESSON TEN : With Help Comes Financial Success
Module Four - Mastering Social Engagement (Premium and Premium Plus Members)

Take your business into the world of social engagement. You will learn about social media, social marketing and social networks. 

  • LESSON ONE : What Does Social Engagement Mean To Your Business
  • LESSON TWO : Making Your Website A Place To Engage
  • LESSON THREE : Using Facebook the Right Way
  • LESSON FOUR : Pinterest And The Visual Hemisphere
  • LESSON FIVE : Incorporate a Sound Tweeting Campaign
  • LESSON SIX : The Story On Google
  • LESSON SEVEN : The Benefit of Being Social At WA
  • LESSON EIGHT :  Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals
  • LESSON NINE : Using The Wealthy Affiliate Social Community
  • LESSON TEN : You Cannot Be The Master Of Everything
Module Five - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Premium and Premium Plus Members)

Content Is King.

The final module is all about taking your content creation skills to higher levels.

You are going to be learning about how to create high engagement through your content, effective techniques for boosting conversions, and scaling your content through proper goal setting and outsourcing.

  • LESSON ONE : Content Is Your Business
  • LESSON TWO : Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools
  • LESSON THREE : Improving Indexing Times And Speed
  • LESSON FOUR : People Need To Read Your Content
  • LESSON FIVE : A Year Is A Short Period Of Time , Yet BIG For Business
  • LESSON SIX : Writing Within A Devised Plan Architecture 
  • LESSON SEVEN : Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent
  • LESSON EIGHT : Injecting Comments With Intent
  • LESSON NINE : Bing And Yahoo, They Are Still The 33%
  • LESSON TEN : Articulating a PLAN for the Months and Year Ahead

 As a starter member, you get access to the first module of both courses. As a premium and premium plus member, you get the full package.

Of course, WA is not just about courses.  

I hear you asking, why should I join WA? How different is it from other training platforms?

Great question.

Let's face it, most online teaching platforms got a Private Facebook group, right?

Not WA- why?

Because they have so many more ways in which you can reach out for help- you have a Live Chat feature, you can blog your queries within the platform, and you have a special 'ask a question' feature too!

And their 24/7 live interactive community is always there waiting to help you out.

You are also part of a unique site feedback system, that helps you access on how to improve your website.

You can purchase your domain right inside of WA- a one stop-shop.

You have constant motivation, inspiration, and training from community members. 

And you can even private-message any of the other premium members plus the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. How cool is that?

Ready to be part of a different business-building teaching platform?

Choose Your Wealthy Affiliate Membership Plan Below!

You can take the starter membership. A FREE 7 Day-trial and you get to test drive the platform.

Or you can go premium and unlock everything you need to build a fully fledged online business.

Or, if you want to get the full enchilada. You can purchase the premium plus membership.

Wealthy Affiliate sales page

Perfect for A Quick Start

FREE 7- DAY Trial



  • Live Help -first 7 days
  • Website Back-up
  • Personal affiliate blog
  • Beginner training course(1st level)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Course(1st level)
  • Earn while you learn
  • Training Classrooms-2
  • Keyword Research Tool- (30 Searches)
  • 1-on-1 coaching - 7 days

Ideal For Power Users

$99.00 per Month 

($49 for the 1st Month)

  • All Premium features
  • 50 Websites
  • Priority Expert Private Help
  • Instant Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research Tool(Enterprise Version - $99/m)
  • 2 Free Domains
  • Advanced Website and Hosting Package($250/m value)
  • 200 Expert classes per year

Some More happy Wealthy Affiliate Members

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam

Kyle's training is clear, easy, smooth and he guides you all the way"

“You simply cannot let go of this opportunity. You will accomplish soon much just in this first set of training, let alone the other 5 training sets. And the best part is you earn as you learn.

Kyle's training is clear, easy smooth, and he guides you all the way through. There is simply nothing else like this ANYWHERE

I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone seriously interested in making some $$$.

A month into training, I already started making a bit of money. My regret is that I never started this earlier

Please consider!

Ariel Baradarian
- Member Since June 2015
Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam

"Kyle is a clear methodical teacher"

“Wow, easy step by step instructions on how to get started and within a couple of days I have a website published online. I feel like raving which may turn some people off (too good to be true sort of stuff) but this course was easy.

Kyle is a clear methodical teacher and I really enjoyed doing it .... even at age 50 :)you have any testimonials that include stories of how a customer had some doubts about your product, but was then won over by the high quality, your friendly support etc. those are perfect for displaying in this area of the sales page."

- Member Since August 2013

About The WA

(Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim)

These Canadian gentlemen started Wealthy Affiliate 15 Years ago! Back then it was simply a service selling 'keywords' to help website owners get their content ranked on Google and other search engines.

Today, Wealthy Affiliate is a fully fledged online business teaching platform that boasts some awesome statistics. It's all thanks to these awesome guys.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam
Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam

Wealthy Affiliate is Not  For Everyone!

As much as I would love to say that Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone, its not.

The reality is that we are different and as such what I might like, you might not.

And I think that it is a good thing because "variety is the spice of life" and that's what makes the world go around.

Is Wealthy Affiliate for You?

I compiled a quick guide below, to illustrate for whom the Wealthy Affiliate Platform is tailored for and for whom it's not. 

Take a look below.

WA Is For :

  • Newbies.
  • Folks who are willing to learn the affiliate marketing model.
  • People who are willing to have the Patience to see it through
    Someone who is willing to put in the time and effort.

WA Is Not For :

  • People who want to "get rich quick"
  • People who do not like writing articles or doing research for their website
  • People who do not like the idea of building a website

Check Out These Cool Features You Get :

(1) Q&S Site Builder

The Quick and Simple SiteRubix builder makes your first website building experience fun and easy. Within 30 seconds you will have your first website framework up and running.

(2) IN-House WriterMate

Wealthy Affiliate's in-house SiteContent is the place you write your articles. It checks your grammar, spelling and allows you to set goals. Best part is that you can publish your articles directly to your website!



You chose your niche. That's awesome! WA will help you find the affiliate programs for your business.


(4) ONO(one-n-only) Keyword Tool

The One and Only Jaaxy Keyword Tool. Created by Kyle and Carson, an integral tool to help you find the best keywords, check your competitive performance, perform a site analysis and so much more. 

(5) TWO-WAY Niche Concept

Struggling to choose a niche or a topic for your business?

Do not stress! With WA they have two flagship courses.  The one is to help you build a business on a niche you like. The other is to help you build a business on a pre-chosen topic.

So, finding a NICHE is no problem.

(6) 'BLAP' Standby HELPER

You will not be stranded at WA.You need help, no problem. You can get it through 4 different ways!

  • B- Blogging
  • L-Live Chat
  • A - Ask a question feature
  • P- Private Messaging System

(7) SEO-FIRST Jedi approach

WA first teaches you how to get FREE and QRGANIC  traffic to your website. Using SEO(SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.)

It's a technique that stands the test of time. Once you got this, you are then taught to use social media and  eventually paid advertising.



You get top-quality hosting for ALL your private websites. All come with daily back-up and SSL certification.

Choose Your Wealthy Affiliate Membership Plan Below!

You can take the starter membership. A FREE 7 Day-trial and you get to test drive the platform.

Or you can go premium and unlock everything you need to build a fully fledged online business.

Or you want to get the full enchilada. You can purchase the premium plus membership.

Wealthy Affiliate sales page

Perfect for A Quick Start

FREE 7- DAY Trial



  • Live Help -first 7 days
  • Website Back-up
  • Personal affiliate blog
  • Beginner training course(1st level)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Course(1st level)
  • Earn while you learn
  • Training Classrooms-2
  • Keyword Research Tool- (30 Searches)
  • 1-on-1 coaching - 7 days

Ideal For Power Users

$99.00 per Month 

($49 for the 1st Month)

  • All Premium features
  • 50 Websites
  • Priority Expert Private Help
  • Instant Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research Tool(Enterprise Version - $99/m)
  • 2 Free Domains
  • Advanced Website and Hosting Package($250/m value)
  • 200 Expert classes per year
Wealthy Affiliate Review

100% No Risk. No Obligation -What have you got to lose?

There is only one way to find out why Wealthy Affiliate is the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing teaching platform. That is to sign up for the starter membership.

I too was skeptical at first. For me, within the 4th day of doing the trial membership, I knew that this is what I was looking for. Nothing can beat that feeling of having earned your first passive income commission. From there onward the sky is your limit!

Don’t wait!

Look at what students have had to say about this course.

Jerry is a super affiliate


Joining Wealthy Affiliate since 18 years old has been nothing but an amazing journey. It has allowed me to create a 4-Figure monthly passive income stream at the age of 20. 

So, I can confidently say that I don't need a College degree because I'm not going to be employed for the rest of my life.

Wealthy Affiliate is Free to get started. So there's really nothing to lose!"


Jerry Huang Member since May 2016

Wealthy Affiliate testimonial

Make one decision today and become a Premium Member. You have the most amazing training at your finger tips. I have learnt so much since I became a premium member. 

You will never believe the confidence and competence you develop and you make progress with your website daily basis.

The Founders are hands on guys and it goes without saying, You are never going to find such a strong supportive community online.

If you are willing to put in the hard work, do the training.have faith in your ability, have patience . You can and will earn a great passive income

Ella Richard -Member Since 2014

Louisa testimonial

If you're looking for a great place to learn, earn and grow at then , you're asking the right person. Two years ago to be exact, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate University. This is when a new chapter was written.

I must say without reservation, the past two years has been extremely exhilarating. As a newbie to everything about the worldwide web, I knew nothing. I had know clue about the program. Actually, I barely knew the basic about the internet. Building a website was news to me. Finding a niche was a song to my ears. Reluctantly, after joining WA my life changed for the better. I found a great crowd, a huge community, and two compassionate Co-Owners, Kyle and Carson.

They are the two brilliant entrepreneurs who pave the way for millions of folks like myself to join as a member and make possibilities happen.

Since that day, I have gaine
new insight. About the magnificent program, lessons training and courses, that was blue printed for our purpose to follow. Through this all, which I have became an awesome successful entrepreneur.

I have said without hesitation, Wealthy Affiliate is the Place for all people to learn and grow at indefinitely

Louisa Barzey - Member Since June 2016

Frequently Asked Questions








Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age, and here’s what you’ll find.

According to the Social Security Administration: Only   1 will be wealthy;   4 will be financially secure;   5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to;   36 will be dead; and   54 will be dead broke—dependent on their meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends, even charity for a minimum standard of living.

That’s 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.

Which group would you like to be in, the 5% group or the 95% group?

My Pledge To You!

The secret to online success or in any field for that matter, is to find people who already have the results that you want to attain, or achieved the success that you are aiming for, and follow them. WA is not short of positive role models.

I made some awesome friends within WA. Many of them inspire me, motivate me and most importantly, they are there to help me when I need it.

I promise to be there to help you as you carve out your way to online success. The only thing that is left to do, is for you to come on board.......Your Friend , Roopesh.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam, who is roopesh

Start Your Online Journey Today!

p.s : It's easy to say that you will come back to this offer, or that you need to think about it.

Will you be okay saying that "it's okay" that you did not get involvled in this $6.8 BILLION DOLLAR Industry?

Do not live with the regret of not having taken a chance.

If Only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world- Mercedes Lackey
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