Midjobs Review – Is MidJobs a Scam?[Ponzi In Disguise?]

Hi and welcome to my Midjobs review. Would you like to make money from simply watching videos online? It sounds pretty exciting doesn't it? All that you have to do is simply watch video clips and you will get paid, easy right?

That is what the MidJobs website is offering. Is MidJobs a scam or can you really make good money online? Let me show you what it's all about so that you will know exactly what to do. That is if you are thinking of joining this platform.


Congratulations to you by the way. The fact that you are on this review means that you are someone who will not take things at face value. Whilst Midjobs sounds like a fairly simple venture, you are still not convinced and therefore you are doing your due diligence. You want to know more before you dive right in. Well done to you.

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NAME OF COMPANY : Midjobs.com

FOUNDERS : Unknown

PRICE TO JOIN : Free to various paid membership plans available.

WHAT IS ABOUT: As a Midjobs 'worker' you can earn by watching videos online. As a free member, your earnings as well as the amount of videos that you can watch is capped. You cannot earn a cent as free member, and have no choice but to upgrade. 

In fact, there is much more going on that you need to be aware of before you join. Let this review show you what it's all about...



 Midjobs connects advertisers with potential clients.

Let's say that you are an advertiser and you want your brand or your product to get more exposure. You can utilize the Midjobs platform to create a campaign. They have a few tools that you can use as well. 

Then, on the other hand, you can join with Midjobs and watch these videos and in turn they(Midjobs) will pay you for doing so. 

According to the official website they recruit members like you and me to do activities such as "paid videos, Paid surveys, Facebook page reviews, Mobile App reviews and many more."

They go on to state that an average worker spends around to 2-4 hours a day on the portal and they end up making around 100 to 350 dollars a week.

It sounds like some easy money right?

Let us see who the owners of this platform are.


The official homepage states that MidJobs has been around since 2015. This does tie-up with the fact that the site has been registered within the same year. I have confirmed the whois information.

Midjobs Review Domain Confirmation

But the strange part is that there is no history or any background information as to who the owners of the platform are.

Not even a single photo.

Even though the site displays social media icons, all of them lead back to the website. In other words there is no social media information on this company as well.

You would think that after five years in existence, the company would have at least have someone to show face.

The really interesting part as you will soon learn is that you have to invest money into this platform in order to earn money.

Would you invest in a business if you do not know with whom it is that you are going to do business with?

Let me know your answer in the comments section.


Initially it is free to sign up.

All you need to do to register is simply provide them with your email address, create a username, and a password, and then you are good to go.

Upon successful registration you start off on the basic level which is the Midjobs trial worker level.

The member’s area is pretty basic in terms of its appearance. Take a look below to see what the user interface looks like.

Midjobs Review inside the members area


As a trial worker, your benefits are pretty much limited. Especially your earning potential.

In fact, you cannot earn ANYTHING at all on this free membership level.

Let me explain to you how it all works.

 To earn money all that you have to do, is simply click on the icon of the “available jobs.”

Midjobs Review How does midjobs work, inside the members area

Then a bunch of videos will show up.

Midjobs review how do you get paid for watching videos online

All you have to do then, is simply watch 20 seconds of these videos, and then your account will be credited with the money.

As a free MidJobs member you can earn 15 cents per video.

You can only watch a maximum of six videos per day which means that you can only make around 90 cents a day.

Remember earlier on I mentioned that your account is limited. That means that they will close off your account in 10 days should you not upgrade to one of the paid membership options.

 So for the 10 days you can make a total of 9 Bucks. Note that the minimum withdrawal is $20. That means that if you do not upgrade you will lose all of your earnings. In other words you have to pay to get paid.

Midjobs jobs also have their own referral program and you can earn 5 cents for every member that joins via your link. You can also become a country representative and handle the admin work like helping people to activate their vouchers once they upgrade.

Let us take a look at the various membership options.

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 There are basically six membership bundles from which you can choose.

  •  The trial worker $0
  •  Basic worker $45
  • Pro-worker $108
  • VIP worker $240
  • Elite worker $978 
  • Black card account $1,956 
Midjobs review how muchdoes midjobs costs to join

With the first three plans you can only process one withdrawal per day. With the 'VIP worker' it's two, three for the 'Elite worker' and five for the 'Black card account holder.'

The other major difference with these plans is that the higher the plan that you are on, the more videos you can watch.  It also means that you will have higher earning potential per video.

As for the referral program you can accumulate more referrals if you are on a higher plans.


If and once you reach the $20 threshold you can then receive your money via three methods. Perfect Money,Payeer, Bitcoins and Coins.ph.

They do not accept PayPal.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this business opportunity


 They have a recently updated blog.

 They accept people from most parts of the world.


 They do not accept PayPal.

They have a high withdrawal limit.

You have to pay in order to get paid.

They have no testimonials on the website.

 There is no real owner to stand responsible for this platform.

 This is not a passive income opportunity.


Before I answer this question let me first share with you some of the red flags that I picked up along the way.

Red Flag NR.1: They only have videos and nothing else.

The official website mentioned various ways in which one can earn money such as paid videos, Paid surveys, Facebook page reviews, Mobile App reviews and many more.

None of them is present except for the video watching part. 

I think that this is a bit misleading.

Red Flag NR.2:  There is no advertising just plane videos

Unlike other GPT(Get Paid To) sites that I have reviewed you actually see the relevant ads as you are doing the task. 

>>Check out my reviews of Userfeel, Uselytics, Offernation and Level Rewards.

In the case of MidJobs there are no such ads on any of these particular videos.

In fact most of these videos are just plain movie trailers and one can easily watch them on YouTube.

Does this mean that Midjobs is a scam? Is it a Ponzi scheme?

I have found some positive reviews on Trustpilot and the actual site does have a section where they show you the payout per country.

In my opinion I would still be careful about joining Midjobs. One can easily see that the site is not offering you a product or service for your investment.

 I believe that the EXISTING members are getting paid by new members. Which begs the question, what happens when members stop joining? How are the existing members going to get paid?

It is all nice when one receives their initial payment and then upgrades and then attempts to bring more folks to do the same.

However in my opinion it is like putting all of your eggs into one basket.

Remember the owners don't make themselves known.And according to their “terms and conditions,” they can close up your account at any time.

Midjobs company policy, they can cancel your membership at any time

To me it is just like a ticking bomb that is waiting to go off.

I would be very cautious about investing in Midjobs.

 Thanks so much for joining me on this Midjobs review. I hope that it has helped you out. 

If you would like to make some serious money online then why not put all of your energy,your effort and time into something that will matter the most -your very own online business.

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Have you tried “get paid to” websites before? What was your experience like?

 Was it worth your time and money? Share your experience in the comments section below 

 I wish you everything of the best in your online success.

 Kind Regards and Take Care


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  1. Hi Roopesh! This is an awesome review that you have got here. It is amazing to know that that just by watching a video and becoming a member that I can earn money. Indeed I an grateful for having you share this important information with me. I will definitely do my homework and see if I could start immediately.

    Thanks again for sharing this with me.

  2. Hi Roopesh, 

    After read this Midjobs review, I think this money earning method sounds so easy that can attract many people to join as a free-member and become a paid-member. Although there are no free lunch in this world but still a lot of people like this game. You give an important point that ” they can close your account at any time. ” Base on this point I think many people will reconsider to join Midjobs. Thanks for the review. 

  3. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have heard little about Midjobs from a friend, having stumbled into this article, I have gotten a better perspective of its framework. Nevertheless, there a questions I have been wanting to ask, on what ground could one loose his/her account, what is the cost to upgrade, how often are withdrawals made, is it on weekly or monthly basis’s ?

  4. i don’t know about you people , i was scammed by this outfit and i took steps to recovering it back which i did with the help of Fastfundsrecovery when i googled the organization. Truth of the matter is that its isnt too late to get your funds back

  5. this platform seems interesting and promising. I believe it’s basic aim is to enable people earn from home at their convenience  and also get informed and entertained. i would like to ask if there are any other, say more affordable subscription one could do to also earn from this interesting platform?

    • They stated on their site, that more subscription plans would be added to the site.I guess we will just have to wait and see.



  6. People who want to get paid to watch videos should first answer this question, can you pay someone to watch a video you made? I bid not see any feasibility in this whole idea. No sense whatsoever. People who registered for such schemes and upgraded are just wasting their hard earned money and time. 

    When they managed to reach $20 and requests a withdrawal the system might ask for fifty referrals before they can get laid. What a load of garbage, this whole thing reeks of scam. 

  7. hellooo dear, what a wonderfull content you have hear i was actually doing some research online when i saw these post online, it really enlightened me alot, plan on saving it for future reference, What a great site this,I am looking forward to sharing your link with like-minded people as I know they will be interested in joining you here to interact and share stories about these unique post, and I am sure you will offer some really interesting articles along the way so thank you

    • Thanks so very much for your kind words. Really appreciate it. Thank you also for sharing my content. 

      God bless and take care.


  8. Thanks for sharing this great article here with us, what I want to contribute is simple, no matter how pleasant an offer may sound there is always terms and conditions,these part I didn’t not see into this review. I would want to ask if there is platform where I can watch testimonial videos of this company? 

    • At the moment, I could not find any video testimonials. Most of them are written reviews on 3rd party review sites.


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