Wealthy Affiliate 2017 Review : 5 Amazing NEW Features that Will Blow Your Mind

You probably may have heard of Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online teaching platform that helps to take anyone, irrespective of how much knowledge they may have (of online business) from starter level right up to a point of having a solid enterprise. Well, this Wealthy Affiliate 2017 review is going to take things to a new level.

I am going to take you inside this platform and show you 5 amazing features. Among the arsenal of tools, training, and current tools that are already in existence, WA members were treated to another 5 in just the first half of 2017.

The main purpose of which is to make the process of building an online business, simpler, better, and easier than ever before!

Isn’t that what an online business building formula should be? To keep things simple, yet to have it work for you?

Well, at Wealthy Affiliate you can be assured of one thing. And that is, you are being taken care of and your business is protected around the clock. Your one and only job is to, follow the training, ask questions and have fun along the way.

If you want a more detailed review of what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, then check my written review out or simply watch my video review below.

Ready to check these awesome new additions out?

Great! Fasten your Seatbelt and let’s begin.

The 5 Fantastic New Wealthy Affiliate Features

1. Site Builder: Building Your Website Framework is as easy as ABC.

2. Site Content Platform: A One Stop Power Editor.

3. Site Speed: Taking Your Business to Warped Speed Levels.

4. Free SSL Certification For Your Online Assets.

5. Bootcamp 2.0 Update: A Course that Makes Affiliate Marketing a Lucrative Opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate Feature One: The Site Builder

What if I told you that you can get your very own website framework in under 30seconds? Would you believe me?

At Site Builder, it is something that is considered a norm. Folks are getting started with their own piece of the ‘Internet’ before you can even finish saying, ‘ I want some more pie!

Whether it’s a free domain or a domain that you own, getting your website all set up, is literally child’s play.

All you’ve got to do is head over to the Site Rubix tab within the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard and scroll all the way down, till you come to Site Builder.

The Site Builder at Wealthy Affiliate

Next, you choose the option ‘free website.’

The site builder at Wealthy Affiliate

All you do then, is choose a name for your site. I chose, dogsandyou.siterubix.com.

Registering a free domain at Wealthy Affiliate with Site Builder

As you can see, the name is available. Then you decide upon the theme that you like.

Chose your theme at site builder and then you are done


Click on the ‘build it now’ and you are now the proud owner of a website.

Congrats and welcome to the online world!

Don’t believe how easy it is- try it out here for yourself!


By the way, Wealthy Affiliate offers you a FREE seven-day trial. You also get two FREE websites, which are yours for life! Whether you decide to join or not, those sites are yours to keep.


Wealthy Affiliate Feature Two: The SiteContent Platform

Just like the Site Builder, SiteContent is a platform that is available for both starter and premium members.

So, now that you’ve got your website all set up, let’s talk about the main component that is essential for its success.

What am I referring to? You guessed it. I am talking about publishing content.

This is what the SiteContent is all about. The main goal is to provide you with an editor that is not just easy to use but offers you a variety of other cool features.

It allows you to:

  • track your progress,
  • check whether your content is indexed in Google, and
  • publish your content directly to your websites (no need to copy and paste)

Let me show you what this platform looks like,

This is the dashboard,

The Dashboard of the Site Content platform

You get templates that save you time and allows you to write more efficiently. You can create more templates as you wish.

This is what the editor looks like when you are compiling an article.

The editor of the site content platform at Wealthy Affiliate


There is a built in auto save, that makes sure everything is backed up till the last letter.

Apart from an easy to use spelling and grammar checker, SiteContent, has a ‘nifty’ feature that picks up whether there is any duplicate material in your content before it gets published to your website.

This way you are protected from plagiarism and your chances are minimized of getting penalized by big daddy Google. How cool is that?

There is more to SiteContent than just being an editor. What really makes it special, is that it is a cool ‘ goal creator.’

You can set how many articles you wish to publish or how many words you want to write within a certain time frame. You get to see yourself achieving your targets as you write out your material.

Goals set in Site Content

The one thing that I have learned when building an online business, is that it is easy to get distracted and lose focus on where you need to go if you do not have a plan to follow.

By setting goals within the SiteContent, you hold yourself accountable for your productivity in terms on writing and publishing content.

One of the co founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Carson, wrote an awesome blog within the Wealthy Affiliate community about SiteContent.

Read his full story here, SiteContent: Great Content Starts with a Powerful Writing Platform

Wealthy Affiliate Feature 3: Site Speed: There is A Need For Speed

What is the point of having a beautiful website with valuable and engaging content, but your website is just too darn slow?

Did you know?

That if your site takes 4seconds or longer to load, you stand a good chance of losing 25% of traffic?

You can bring this statistic down to less than 10% if your site loads in under 2seconds!

Introducing Site Speed- Making your site loading speed seriously fast.

The site speed functionality exclusive to wealthy affiliate

Kyle and Carson have been working behind the scenes for 9months, to bring this new technology to people’s websites. As we build our precious online businesses, our sites evolve over time.

Things like the adding of high-quality graphics, embedding of videos and other media, can certainly add strain to how quickly your site gets loaded.

Google also recognizes site speed, as an important parameter when it comes to allocating ranking positions. And taking into account the added possibility that visitors abandon your site because of slow loading, you really do not want your site to suffer.

Exactly what is a good loading speed time for your site? A score of 70+ is good. If you can achieve 80 and above, you are in the clear.

The nice part about activating Site Speed at Wealthy Affiliate is that it is all done with a simple click of a button. All you’ve got to do is switch to active, and you will send your site into “warped speed mode.”

How to activate site speed at Wealthy affiliate

When I contacted Site Support at Wealthy Affiliate, to find out what my Site Speed was, I was pleasantly surprised to hear my results….

My results of Site Speed

Here is Kyle’s full story on Site Speed, The Google PageSpeed Insights Code has been Cracked

Wealthy Affiliate Feature 4: Free SSL Certification

In January, Carson announced that every premium member will get FREE SSL certificates installed on all their websites. (This excludes free domain websites).

What is SSL Certification all about?

If you take a look at the browser when you visit a particular site, you will notice that it may start off with either a “https.” or “http.”

Sites that have a “https” have SSL Certification installed. Take a look at the browser right now as you are on my site reading this article. You will notice that it starts with “https.”

Having SSL installed on your site means that the data that is transferred to the user’s browser and the hosting servers is encrypted or secure.Why do you need SSL on your site?

Think of it this way. Let’s say that you want to login into your site from a computer other than your own. When you enter your private credentials, you are protected from the possibility of anyone or any malicious virus, decoding or intercepting your password.

Google also prefers sites that are SSL Secure over sites that are not. It may even help in terms of getting ranked better.

How much does SSL actually costs?

Some companies can charge up to $100 per year per site for this. Hosting companies may also charge additional fees to have these certificates installed on your site.

I have three websites hosted at WA. All of them have FREE SSL. I don’t pay a dime extra. It’s all included in the ridiculously low monthly membership fee.

Interesting in learning more? Check my article out below,


Let’s go on to the final cool feature.

Wealthy Affiliate 5: Updated Affiliate Bootcamp 2.0

You may be wondering what is this boot camp story all about?

There are two core comprehensive courses that are offered upon sign up to Wealthy Affiliate.

They are:

1.Online Entrepreneurship Course: 5 levels



2. Affiliate Bootcamp: 7 Levels



The purpose of these courses are to guide you through the entire process of building solid online businesses from the ground up.

The Online Entrepreneurship course is focused on helping you build a business, based on a passion, a hobby, or something that you are interested in. (Start your lesson one here)

The Affiliate Bootcamp, on the other hand, takes you through the process of building a thriving online business based upon a pre-chosen topic. (Start your lesson one here)

The commission that you can earn here is residual and can lead to a significant amount. In fact, even as a free member you can take part in the program and earn some good money.

How much are the commission for the affiliate bootcamps? wealthy affiliate 2017 review

Recently, the First Phase, took a revamp and introduced some updated training for the members.

Later during the year, there will be a brand new level 8. This is something that I am personally looking forward to. I’ve completed all the seven levels and am excited to see what they are going to bring to the table.

And that is my summary of all the new features added to this awesome educational business platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner

What is the Next Step for You?

That is totally up to you. I wrote this wealthy affiliate 2017 review, to show you that this platform is constantly evolving and the owners are keeping ahead with the times.

They want to see people succeed and they want to help people realize their dreams by building their own self-sustaining and profitable online businesses.

I guess, the only way you will know whether Wealthy Affiliate is for you, is to try out for yourself.

And as I have mentioned before, Kyle and Carson, offer folks a 7-day trial to completely test out the platform without the need to pay a single cent.



I hope that this Wealthy Affiliate review has helped you out. I have written a more detailed review outlining the other features and tools, please check it out here.

If you like watching videos and would like to meet me face to face, so to say, then have a look at my short video review of Wealthy Affiliate.

You are welcome to share this article with friends or family, whom you think will benefit from reading it.

And don’t forget to leave your comments or questions in the section below.

I promise to get back to you. It was awesome to have you here today. You are a star.

Take Care and Kind Regards







4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate 2017 Review : 5 Amazing NEW Features that Will Blow Your Mind”

  1. You really hit the nail on the head with this one. A platform that teaches you how to start an online business and then support you along the way is indeed a worth giving a try.
    Thank you for doing such a great job in analysing what WA does so it’s easy to understand as they are a lot of sites out there that are quite shallow.

    • Wow! I really appreciate those kind words.

      I try to make it easier to anyone out there looking for a solid online business opportunity to help make a decision.

      You are right about the support. When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate you get support from three sources.

      You get support from the interactive community, support from Kyle and Carson themselves and technical support that have been super so far!

      Thanks for stopping by



  2. I use to use Rapid Writer as my site content platform, even though i didn’t like it’s features much.
    Now that SiteContent has arrived and with so many features already, using it has motivated me to write more content and to begin coming away from external platforms.
    The best bit about it is that it’s only Phase 1. There’s so much more coming up that I can see myself using it exclusively.

    • Agree with you 100%.With the constant upgrades that Kyle and Carson are bringing to WA, it exciting to see what is coming up within the next phase of SiteContent.

      I know that they are going to bring in the capability for us to insert image and videos within SiteContent. we just have to wait and see!

      All the best in your WA journey




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