What is Evolv Health? Is it Worth Your While?

An Overview of Evolv Health

What is Evolv Health about? 

EvolvHealth is a direct selling company that has been around for just under 8 years, having started their business back in 2009.

Its central focus is the selling of products within the health and wellness industry. There are many other MLM companies that operate within this niche, so ‘what makes Evolv Health any different?

A more important question that you may be asking is, ‘Is this a good company to Start a Business with?’ It’s never an easy decision to make, and hopefully I can make that a little easier on you today.

This review will show you what the Evolv Health products look like, as well their compensation plan and how some of their core business aspects works. After that, it’s simply left for you to decide….

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  • Established long in the Market
  • Organic Products
  • Product range is extensive


  • Products are Expensive
  • Hybrid Compensation Plan
  • Littles Sales and Marketing Training
  • Autoship needs to be Active for you to earn

Let me show you what the products look like.

The EvolvHealth Products- Are they Really that Different?

The portfolio of the Evolv Health products is quite extensive ranging from immune boosters, nutrition bars, shakes, to food supplements and energy boosters.

The products are targeted to a huge audience which is a plus in my books. If you’re looking to lose fat or to boost your system, or stay fit as an athlete, Evolvhealth claims to have the right product for you.

But, what are the costs of these products? Let me show you…

  1. Evolv Life Bar – $50 for 14 Bars

The Costs of the Evolv health Life Bar

Notice that there are two prices. The one that I’ve highlighted is the price that you would be paying if you opted to NOT get involved in the business side of things.

If you wanted to become a distributor, then you would have to activate the autoship functionality. This simply means that you would be automatically paying for and receiving this product at regular intervals(More about this later on).

Coming back to the product, you are looking at paying around $3.5 for one Evolv Life bar.

2. Vanilla Shake – $44.40 for 14-Day Supply

Evolv Health Products- The Vanilla shake

For general health, this product is advertised to contain vitamins, minerals, ancient grains, proteins and amino acids.

For a 2-week supply, you’re looking at $44.40.

3. Evolv Daily – $54 for 28 days

Evolv health products- The Evolv Daily

Evolvhealth states that this is a complete daily whole food supplement for your gut. What do you think, is $54 too much for your wallet? (what does your GUT tell you?)

Remember something else, I have NOT included the additional shipping charges to these products. So, you will be paying much more for these products than originally anticipated.

Why are the products so expensive?

At the end of the day, this is a MLM(multi-level marketing company) that we are talking about. Being that as it may, the product prices are generally higher than the norm.

Do the Evolv Health products really work? 

Take the Evolvhealth reboot kit as an example, which sells, for $450The evolvhealth reboot kit

This site claims that this product helps to:

  • REBOOT your leptin function,
  • REDUCE chances of chronic inflammation,
  • REACTIVE Immune System and
  • REPLENISH your cells to shift your metabolism.

Whilst there are a couple of testimonials on the website, to attest that these products work, I think that the claims should NOT be cast in stone. It’s highly subjective and there is a possibility that it may not work for everyone.

It’s the same story like buying a vitamin supplement at a pharmacy to test if its right for you or not. One more thing, none of these products are evaluated or backed by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration).

Next up, how can you earn money from joining Evolvhealth?

The EvolvHealth Compensation Plan

As mentioned earlier on, you’ve got to have an ACTIVE status, to qualify to earn commissions.

To be active you’ve got to purchase products regularly and maintain a PERSONAL VOLUME(PV), of 70PV within the current and previous three commission weeks. The best way is to register for AUTOSHIP. In addition to getting your PV points from auto ship, you can also get points from any retail profits that you make from selling the products.

Whilst you can earn from personal purchases and retail customers, there is a faster and quicker way to earn money that Evovlhealth heavily emphasizes on. That is through the process of RECRUITING OTHERS into the business.

This is the typical model of a MLM business. Ultimately if you get more people into your downline, then you would be earning more. Added to that, the Evolvhealth compensation is complex and can leave one pretty dazed out.

It’s never easy to understand their Evolv Star, Elite Star and Ambassador Star levels and what the requirements are on how you can get there. Nevertheless, let me show you how their binary compensation plan works.

How the Evolvhealth Compensation Plan works

As you try to build your business, the people you sponsor would be placed on the right or left leg on your downline.

When you get paid, you only get paid on the weaker leg. Your pay is calculated at 10% of the WEEKLY BV(business volume) of the weaker leg.

Let’s say that you have 500points on the left-hand side and 1000points on the right-hand side. You would earn 10% of the 500points on the left-hand side. This equates to $50.

One other thing, is that you will only earn if the person on that leg is:

  1. ACTIVE- also maintaining an auto ship,
  2. DIRECTLY sponsored by YOU.

A piece of cake to earn, don’t you think?

So, what happens to the people on the stronger leg? Your guess is as good as mine. Interested in checking out more on their compensation plan? Here is a video for you to watch.

My Opinion of EvolvHealth

Is Evolv Health a scam? There are a couple of evolv health reviews that claim it is. I personally do NOT think that it is a scam.

There are two things that I would like to discuss before I leave you to decide on what to do.

The first thing has to do with their PRODUCTS.

It’s fine to advertise that a product has ‘this effect’ or ‘benefit’ and another is used for something else, but I think when it comes to health, there is one thing that people who sell them make very little mention of, and that is… A vitamin product on its own will NOT do everything.Evolvhealth and being healthy

What I mean by this, is that achieving good health is more of a holistic approach. If you want to have a good immune system, for instance, it is fine to take immune boosters. But it does not just stop there. You need to incorporate things like regular exercise, eat a decent portion of fruits and vegetables regularly and do things to minimize your stress levels.

As a pharmacist, I believe vitamins can play a certain role, but NOT the ENTIRE part of healing.Better health is a way of life.

The second thing that I want to make mention of is, MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS.

Success within Evovlhealth is dependent, to a large extent, on who you can bring into the business. This would involve a fair amount of sales and marketing.

Insufficient sales and marketing training withing Evolvhealth

Let’s say you have come to a point within your Evolv Health business, where you have spoken to all your family and friends. Now, you’re stuck! Where do you go?

This is when you need to learn of ways on how to get more leads into your business. Sadly though, EvolvHealth offers you very little training in this respect. Are you good with marketing and sales and are you able to get more people to see what you have on offer?

If you are, then great! Go ahead and sign up. If NOT, then perhaps this business may be a challenge.

Don’t stress, YOU are not alone. I am not really good in MLM myself. I’ve tried it. I personally found it tough. The thought of getting people to meetings and telling them, ‘it’s perfect for you,’ used to make me feel uneasy.

That’s when I found an online business that I could start up from the comfort of my armchair WITHOUT having the need to recruit a SINGLE PERSON!

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I learnt to build a website of my own. Trust me, it is not as overwhelming as it sounds. You can have your very own website framework in under 30seconds.  The best part is that I’ve learned to build this website around my passion.

The way that I earn money is through a model called affiliate marketing. You simply earn commissions from promoting other people’s products or services.

This is how affiliate marketing works

The benefit that Affiliate marketing offers is:

  • It’s CHEAP TO START(I will show you how YOU can start for FREE)

I’ve learned affiliate marketing through an awesome training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. They have been around for 13 years and have over 800 000 people, all building their online businesses.

Their platform is perfect for beginners. Signing up with WA is FREE and upon sign-up, you get TWO FREE WEBSITES. The best part is that when you sign with Wealthy Affiliate, you get access to the first 10 LESSONS OF THE ONLINE ENTREPRENEURSHIP COURSE. This helps you to get started on building that solid foundation.






What is Evolv Health all about? Now you know.

I hope that this review has helped you out. Would you sign up with them or do you prefer trying out affiliate marketing?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much for your time.

Wish you all the best in your business adventures.

Kind Regards and Take Care



6 thoughts on “What is Evolv Health? Is it Worth Your While?”

  1. Hello kind sir and thank you for a very fun and informative post that I really enjoyed as an a Health Enthusiast and a Business person.

    This business Evolv health seems really interesting and the products seem like they have great value for someone trying to eat healthy and change their life like me.

    I will look into this!

  2. Hi,thank for sharing of the Evolv Health. I don’t think it is a scam either, as it is having a product. Similar to other MLM, it requires maintenance of bv, which involve procurement of a product. I look through the product, the nutrient is good,but price is quite expensive. As for the comp plan, is it we can earn point from those that Is not directly sponsored under us?

  3. Hi, Roopesh.

    Thank you for your review of Evolv Health. I have been in an MLM myself and found it difficult to recruit people. My MLM company actually had great training and education, but it still didn’t make it any easier to recruit.

    Like you said, the high pricing of products makes it hard for some people to get involved. And without any training on how to sell or recruit it’s hard for someone new to MLM to be successful.

    I would not get involved with Evolv Health or any other MLM. I appreciate your honest review.


    • Hi Weston

      Thank you so much for sharing your challenge with us.

      I appreciate your honesty as well. This is one of the reasons why I like affiliate marketing. There is no need to recruit people or stock any expensive products.

      All the best in your business adventures.

      Regards and Take Care



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